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Track Name: Something for Nothing
it says a lot when you are in the clear when nobody has to mention your name when you're not here but what we've got are people filled with fear and no wonder nothing ever gets done around here
there's nothing in my hand i don't think you understand i don't really want to get something for nothing i know
there's nothing in my hand i hate to keep changing plans but everybody's trying to get something for nothing i know
Track Name: Song for Wilhelm Reich
rising up isn't the same no its just been lost all week it lost all feeling you sent one into the ocean of faded hopes and dreams and fears that would propel me to another parting a future wasted sophistication killed imagination once more your jealousy is all the rage so tell me sex is sex and what else and nothing will relieve but your lonely conversation about nothing really when you're sleeping follow me i'll follow you
Track Name: Nobody's Matador
i know it was wrong no defense at all stone weights are lowered i waited so long you don't know how could she love only my work i swore i'd rather make it alone and hold it so nobody knows found again while calling someone all this in one day can't it wait for now i was there when there was no one i believe it's weakened i know but it's there how can you wait when you know?
long time before i unsurface them fate washes low and makes me lonesome now while they've got all our mistakes on file tell me why you're languishing over the how you're nobody's matador now
Track Name: Same Time Same Place
please back off i know the feeling i wouldn't hit you with this for no reason they got a clever system it's nothing i dont know
Track Name: I Believe
i believe in the good of everyone of us and when i think there's something else i simply try to run too fast the common ways are formally underrated and i'm starting to unmask the forces i will never grasp could i be as close as ever anyone was you and me i miss the easy days right before i left no more living in between you forced to leave we were never warned
every time i go under there's something more to see and for protecting all of these i know that we will have our feast the weather's right give or take a few degrees i stay with something i believe as long as we're having fun
Track Name: Strange Battle
so you know how i compare and so you know how i lie i never worried with the thought that you would hurt me i fly in your eyes every time
isn't it strange that love became a battle and neither one could care who wins i think i'm going to be able to just let it go and let it end
all you know is you know you and thankfully you're inside harboring all those kinds of thoughts that drown you until you let them fall to your side
isnt it strange love became a battle and everyone is scared to win i think i'm going to be able to just let it go and let it end you know you have to belong you're not where you said you were
Track Name: Disinfectant
disinfectant won't help me now only come around to say you know you tried all at once i say i forgot only been there once he says you run it right maybe it's just this night when you need me i'll be there so what if they forgot it was easy cause you cared
this infection won't ever stop one thing i can tell you is you have to know where everything will be once it stops before you learn to run you gotta learn to crawl
pray that it's just this once cause it's even if you're scared so what if they move on it was easy cause you cared disinfectant won't help me now there's one thing left between us that you have to change all at once all the way around the differences in you and me i got em down i know that you left me there cause you needed space to swear all this is on your word did you want me cause i'm there
Track Name: Put Down
did you know they're waking up over the floor they want to come when you run and they said you were awake so i brought you some more i've fallen in your way everyday there's something else that i didn't see i should've been a part in the hall and the one that cuts before they'll let me bleed was written in your letter
i know you were put down i saw i know that you wasted all you were loaned i know you were put down
everyone is someone else when they're alone you can forget about all the turns of the tables we'll recycle all that you've heard it's better when you're led every second is somebody else's well you're making this so hard i know you were put down i saw i know that you wasted all you were loaned i know you were put down
long time before all the evil leaders awaken souls of men i may be making the biggest mistake of my life letting you go don't say too late
Track Name: Sure
love knows when it wants to divide your breath felt so sure and right to sleep on floors your fabric lay stretched out we don't need them
only one light for me regia in her white t-shirt and shorts to match
Track Name: My Hometown Killed Me
my hometown killed me